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23. května 2017 v 22:49 | Klára Allyson |  Fashion & style
I believe that you girls already realised that I post some of my outfit ideas (of course with photos), where you can also find out where I have bought the whole outfit I'm wearing.
I don't know how about you but I find finding the jeans that fits me the hardest when it comes to shopping. I'm not tall (157cm / 5'2 ft.), I'm slim but I have hips and it jeans usually don't really fit me. Also, I prefer low waisted one's and there's more high waisted jeans at the moment (I couldn't stand those). The one shop that has the perfect jeans for my figure is definietly Tally Weijl.. that is the reason why I have jeans mostly from this store. Now anything like I would have only one or two jeans and I would wear it all the time. It's just mostly from one shop.

Anyway, this outfit isn't even about jeans but it's pretty Summer one. It's perfect for really hot Summer days. I love the color as well because it's quite bright and it makes me somehow happy.

~My Outfit~
Top: Ann Christine
Shorts: Tally Weijl
Shoes: GATE

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