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4. ledna 2017 v 22:32 | Klára Allyson |  Fashion & style
Another OOTD idea is for cold winter days when you need to keep yourself warm & cozy. That wouldn't be possible without warm & cozy clothes. I don't know how about you dolls, but I really enjoy wearing mostly big sweaters with some tight leggins, jeggins or jeans. Also, under this sweater I usually wear some tight top because big sweater is quite loose and this top helps me to keep my body feel warmer in those cold days.
These photos were taken in December 2013 but to be honest I wear this outfit (and of course also other big sweaters quite often if it's cold).

~My Outfit~
Sweater: Takko Fashion
Jeans: Tally Weijl
Top (underneath): Tally Weijl (basic, white top)
Earrings: Kik


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