Prosinec 2016

Inline Skating OOTD

5. prosince 2016 v 21:16 | Klára Allyson |  Fashion & style
Hello dolls,
I thought it would be nice to share some of my outfit ideas with you and it might help to decide what to wear you as well. I've always enjoyed nice outfit ideas by others. I really enjoy fashion but of course I'm not any fashion designer or so. But most of us - girls - enjoys fashion and wants to look nice for themself or even for others.
Let's be honest we shouldn't judge people by the way they look but first impression is really important and it usually makes others to want to get to know you more. And then they can learn more about your amazing character and behaviour.

The very first outfit idea I'll share with you is my outfit for inline skating in Spring/Autumn. (depends on where you live, of course). Basically, it shouldn't be too hot or too cold.
I wore this outfit in Spring 2014 so it's not the newest one.