Ryor Creme | REVIEW

13. července 2016 v 13:18 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

It's already July and it's time for another review of another beauty product - this time I'll share my opinions about Ryor face creme with you all.

109 KČ / 4, 36 Euro / 6, 81 USD

I bought this creme in Rossmann store but I believe it's not the only store that sells Ryor cosmetics products.

I think there are 3 different kinds of this creme but since I have extra dry and quite sensitive skin I bought the Exclusive one which is specially made for this kind of skin type.

This creme will make your skin perfectly soft and hydrate. It also helps if you have some skin problems such as acne. I believe you will love the results ;-)

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1 mia mia | 14. července 2016 v 17:06 | Reagovat

i love this one very very much

2 hannah hannah | 24. července 2016 v 15:30 | Reagovat

i bought it recently and it is luxurious

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