Avon Walk in Prague (11st June, 2016)

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Hello dolls,
On 11st June, 2016 I went to Prague (the capital city of the Czech Republic) with my mom & some of her friends. We all attented ''Avon Walk'' which is like 6km long walk, wearing a pink T-shirt (or men were wearing grey T-shirts). The money they get from people buying T-shirts or other souvenirs will go to women who fight with breast cancer.

I woke up at 5:30am that morning to have a breakfast, brush my teeth, put on my make-up, etc. Then we went to catch our train, actually we needed to change trains twice & it took about 3 hours in total (for one way). Anyway, I'm used to take the train and spend time there by now as I'm travelling to school for about one & half hours (one way). We met many kind people there and didn't even had a time to take some nap there.

As we arrived in Prague it started to rain but luckily I had my umbrella, unfortunately it didn't stop even during the Avon Walk, or at least by the start of it. But it was completelly IMPOSSIBLE to walk there with your umbrella (even if some people did). It was even almost impossible to walk, you needed to make very, very small steps but after few minutes it was much better and we were able to walk normally. As I realised later there was 50.000 people which was the highest number of people on Avon Walk in the Czech Republic (the latest number previously was 20.000 in 2014).

Just a while before the Avon Walk even started (at 12pm) we heard a hard noise as motorbikes were going throught one of the most popular places in Prague. Unfortunately, it was quite impossible to take a good photo as there was lots of people and the motorbikes were fast. But just to tell you, drivers usually matched their motorbikes and we saw pink one, Pirate one or even Rock'n'Roll one.

It was actually my first time attending Avon Walk even if this action exist since 2000. I didn't really know what to expect from this but I was surprised. As you walked and saw people in front of you or behind you...all PINK (or grey) with pink ballons, walking all the same way. It was MAGIC!

You know. I'm all about girly, pink or even glittery stuff so this was just the right for me. We got also ''Washi'' stickers in hot pink, light pink with spots and yellow colours so everyone was able to give their T-shirt a little bit more life and originality.

Anyway, after a few hours of walking we all arrived at ''Štvanice'' land and there was food, drink, souvenirs, even concerts and so on. I saw few famous people, even if I don't really know many Czech ''celebrities'' like Miss, singers, actresses, actors, etc. I was always more into American or British famous people.

Later that afternoon we went for a lunch to one of restaurants in the centre of Prague & later we had even a cup of coffee at the local café. Then we went shopping a little bit because we had like one extra hour before our train will leave the main station so we just wanted to ''kill the time'' somehow.

We arrived home at like 11pm and to be honest I was super tired so I just quickly had a shower, put off my make-up, etc. and went sleep. Literally fall asleep just about like 5 minutes later :-D

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post about the Avon Walk and my thoughts on it. Don't forget to comment below your thoughts or even if you attented any action like that in your country :-) Let me know!

Just to add I was wearing this braided ponytail that day because I knew I wouldn't be able to take care of my hair for almost the whole day and also in case it would rain (as it was) it's much better to wear messy bun or ponytail, at least for me.
It's basically braided bands and one side of my hair and then I just simply did a ponytail. If you'd like to watch a video how to do this super simply hairstyle, which I personally think will be useful during the hot summer days just let me know in the comments below.

STAY STRONG! Not only if you are the one who was the unlucky one and have any kind (not only breast) cancer or even if you know someone who is fighting or lose their life because of this terrible illness. Believe me or not but as I have many people around me like that I know that being POSITIVE is half win! Seriously, your mind can help you a lot in thos hard days.

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1 mia mia | 14. července 2016 v 17:09 | Reagovat

wow!you are just too perfect klara!i love your blog very much!thank u 4 sharing ur experience

2 hannah hannah | 24. července 2016 v 15:40 | Reagovat

great post

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