1 amanda amanda | E-mail | 16. června 2016 v 13:07 | Reagovat

You are so lucky to have your own car I am saving money to buy a car too but it is expensive :-(

2 lu lu | 16. června 2016 v 14:05 | Reagovat

u pretty and u have nice car

3 beeeeeee beeeeeee | 16. června 2016 v 19:29 | Reagovat

great post klara

4 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 16. června 2016 v 21:16 | Reagovat

Klara,I love your posts and I am happy you posted a new one now because it was quite long time with no new posts.I love you and your blog!

5 emily emily | E-mail | 16. června 2016 v 21:30 | Reagovat

i am new reader of this blog and this is the very first post i read but already loving it and i will read more of your posts klara!you are very talented and beautiful young lady (-: and you are very lucky to own your own car as the girl above me said a while ago.i would love to have my own car too but i will need to save money for it.

6 new fan. new fan. | 17. června 2016 v 8:51 | Reagovat

this article is great!you are so perfect klara!

7 g g | 19. června 2016 v 16:50 | Reagovat

i luv u klara

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