Červen 2016

Avon Walk in Prague (11st June, 2016)

30. června 2016 v 11:26 | Klára Allyson |  Actions

Hello dolls,
On 11st June, 2016 I went to Prague (the capital city of the Czech Republic) with my mom & some of her friends. We all attented ''Avon Walk'' which is like 6km long walk, wearing a pink T-shirt (or men were wearing grey T-shirts). The money they get from people buying T-shirts or other souvenirs will go to women who fight with breast cancer.

I woke up at 5:30am that morning to have a breakfast, brush my teeth, put on my make-up, etc. Then we went to catch our train, actually we needed to change trains twice & it took about 3 hours in total (for one way). Anyway, I'm used to take the train and spend time there by now as I'm travelling to school for about one & half hours (one way). We met many kind people there and didn't even had a time to take some nap there.

3 Years With My Car - Matýsek

14. června 2016 v 10:42 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

Hello dolls,
It's very special day today, at least for me. 3 years ago (14th June 2013) I got the best present a girl, who just got her driving licence can get. I got my own car!

Firstly, it took me quite loooong time to pass my driving licence. I started to take my drives back in October 2012 also with one of my best friends Jitka. But as some of you maybe know I had a car crash ( http://klaralovato.blog.cz/en/1211/car-crash ) a month later so I couldn't drive at all that time. But in spring 2013 I finally did all the drives I needed to do and I got the chance to do my final tests. I passed the writing test for the first time but driving was worse. I got a really bad instructor, who tried to earn more money so mostly he didn't want us to pass. So I passed my driving licence tests for the 3rd try!
Now we'll move to the story of my car. I was been working as a waitress in Wien, Austria also with few of my class mates (Barbora, Bohumila & Hans) and we also lived there together in a small cottage that time. One evening when we watched TV and had our dinner I got a text message from my mom saying that when I'll come back to the Czech republic we'll go to check my new car. Also my grandpa wanted to give me that car for my 19th Birthday (wow!) and as a gift I passed my driving licence. As you guys know I have Birthday on 20th August but my grandpa wanted to give me a car earlier so I could drive as much as possible before the winter & snow will come.