Avon Body Sprays For Summer

16. května 2016 v 21:04 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips
Dear beauties,

Since it's finally getting more & more hot which is perfect (at least for me because I love hot & sunny weather) it's the right time to show you a little ''trick'' to keep you fresh & comfortable for longer time. Of course, taking a shower or having a bath is a need! But what else can you do to make you feel nicely clean while hang out with friends, summer date, etc.? Keep reading to find out my little tips! ;-)

Yes, girls, you got it! My answer is a BODY SPRAYS! :-) I choosed three from Avon that I actually like.

Those body sprays lasts for few hours, don't make any spost on your clothes or your skin and it's not that expensive - big goal!

Name: Island Vibe (Tropical Vawe Body Spray)Brand: Avon

Name: Be... Spontaneous
Brand: Avon

Name: Body Renewing (Black cherry & nutmeg body spray)
Brand: Avon

Which one would you guys like to try? Do you have any favourite body spray? How does it smell? :-) Let me know in the comments ;-)


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1 emily emily | 28. května 2016 v 19:58 | Reagovat

can i get them online?

2 Ria from Greece Ria from Greece | 8. června 2016 v 11:11 | Reagovat

thank you for your tips it is very hot in greece.i will try to find some of your favorite body sprays from avon somewhere.thank you again klara!i love your web

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