Celebrating 6 Years Anniversary Of Our Friendship

12. dubna 2016 v 20:11 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

Hello dolls,
It's April and it means that an Indian beauty Pema Lama and I celebrate another year of our friendship. This year it's our 6th year as a best friends. No matter that we didn't meet yet... but we will meet one day FOR SURE! And I'm looking forward to it!

In case you haven't heard about Pema yet she is 23 years old Indian girl, she's super kind, friendly & sweet. I just love our girly conversations even if we're not as much in contact as we were before because we're both quite busy. Yeah an adults' life! I'm also quite close with her younger sister Dichen, who is really amazing girl as well!

Since we never actually met in person we don't have any photo together (of course) so I decided to make this little photo collage of us. I know that it's not the best photo collage you guys have ever seen but I'm not any professional.
Anyway, we ''met'' though the internet and to be honest I don't remember what page or so it was on. But at the moment we're friends on Facebook, follow each other's Twitter & Instagram accounts and also we can text via mobile phones if we would want.

I don't have idea if Pemzie is reading my blog but if so... HAPPY 6TH FRIENDSHIP ANNIVERSARY! LYSM :-*
That would be all I'd say/write for now. Not the longest post but I'm working on more posts mostly about beauty & tips so stay connected!

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1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 14. dubna 2016 v 21:22 | Reagovat

Klara,I am very happy for you and your friend Pema and I hope you two will meet one day (soon).

2 f f | 14. dubna 2016 v 21:23 | Reagovat

luv u and your friend look nice

3 emily emily | 14. dubna 2016 v 21:32 | Reagovat

i can't wait to read more of your posts.and happy anniversary of 6 years friendship with your friend Pema.

4 jl jl | 15. dubna 2016 v 21:31 | Reagovat

u r simply da best

5 lu lu | 20. dubna 2016 v 13:40 | Reagovat

please klara,reply to me i love you and i am your biggest fan for ever

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