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21. dubna 2016 v 21:38 | Klára Allyson |  Fashion & style
Hello dolls,
I believe that all of us (or at least a few of you) wanted to be a PRINCESSES when we were little girls. But did you ever thought how it would be to be the real Princess? I'd still like to be one.
Of course, the most popular real one is definietly Kate Middleton, even if she's not even a Princess but a Duchess of Cambridge, also her mother-in-law Lady Diana, who died back in 1997 and also Kate's little baby daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, who was born on 2nd May, 2015. Those one's are propably the most popular.

Anyway, this post isn't really about Princesses, neither Kate, Diana or Charlotte. This post is about another of my OOTD idea. Actually I wore this outfit for my 21st Birthday party (20th August, 2015). In my opinion this outfit is perfect for hang out with friends, date, party or a walk around the city. It's great for Summer evening or also for Spring (if it's quite warm).

~What I am Wearing~

Top: XoXo
Jeans: Tally Weijl
Bracelet: Tally Weijl

I have also second, very similar, outfit idea that is great in case it's really warm weather. Actually, I wore this outfit for shopping trip with my younger sister Denisa and my mom in Summer 2015 when it was really super hoooot weather (over 50 Celsia).
~What I am Wearing~
Top: XoXo
Shorts: Tally Weijl
Bracelet: Tally Weijl
Handbag: xBags
Nail polish: Las Vegas ****

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Klara's natural hair color is...



1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 21. dubna 2016 v 22:02 | Reagovat

Klara, you are really very, very beautiful young woman. And you look very much like the real princess. Please, will you do a tutorial for this hairstyle? I love this wavy hair.

2 annie,klara's fan annie,klara's fan | 21. dubna 2016 v 22:37 | Reagovat

[1]: yes please.tutorial

3 emily emily | 21. dubna 2016 v 22:48 | Reagovat

this outfit is really cute and i love the idea because i enjoy very girly (princess looking as you say) are beautiful princess klara

4 beeeeeee beeeeeee | 22. dubna 2016 v 0:09 | Reagovat


5 Hannah Hannah | 22. dubna 2016 v 12:18 | Reagovat

you are the real princess!

6 f f | 23. dubna 2016 v 0:03 | Reagovat

u look like kate middleton,younger royal, very princess

7 path path | 24. dubna 2016 v 17:01 | Reagovat

u princess!!!!

8 real princess? real princess? | 27. dubna 2016 v 23:11 | Reagovat

is she true princess?she looks like one but i am not sure if she is or not?can someone answer me please?

9 new fan. new fan. | 28. dubna 2016 v 21:01 | Reagovat

tutorial for your hair in the 1st photo???

10 cia cia | 4. května 2016 v 22:34 | Reagovat

is klara really princess??

11 amanda amanda | 6. května 2016 v 1:03 | Reagovat

klara lovato is the best princess i have ever seen!i love her very very much!

12 SMILE90 SMILE90 | 12. května 2016 v 0:12 | Reagovat


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