Duben 2016

Casual Princess OOTD

21. dubna 2016 v 21:38 | Klára Allyson |  Fashion & style
Hello dolls,
I believe that all of us (or at least a few of you) wanted to be a PRINCESSES when we were little girls. But did you ever thought how it would be to be the real Princess? I'd still like to be one.
Of course, the most popular real one is definietly Kate Middleton, even if she's not even a Princess but a Duchess of Cambridge, also her mother-in-law Lady Diana, who died back in 1997 and also Kate's little baby daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, who was born on 2nd May, 2015. Those one's are propably the most popular.

Anyway, this post isn't really about Princesses, neither Kate, Diana or Charlotte. This post is about another of my OOTD idea. Actually I wore this outfit for my 21st Birthday party (20th August, 2015). In my opinion this outfit is perfect for hang out with friends, date, party or a walk around the city. It's great for Summer evening or also for Spring (if it's quite warm).

Celebrating 6 Years Anniversary Of Our Friendship

12. dubna 2016 v 20:11 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

Hello dolls,
It's April and it means that an Indian beauty Pema Lama and I celebrate another year of our friendship. This year it's our 6th year as a best friends. No matter that we didn't meet yet... but we will meet one day FOR SURE! And I'm looking forward to it!

In case you haven't heard about Pema yet she is 23 years old Indian girl, she's super kind, friendly & sweet. I just love our girly conversations even if we're not as much in contact as we were before because we're both quite busy. Yeah an adults' life! I'm also quite close with her younger sister Dichen, who is really amazing girl as well!