1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 21. března 2016 v 13:37 | Reagovat

Klara,I love your reviews.I was thinking of a new foundation which one is really good with great coverage but naural look??

2 emily emily | 21. března 2016 v 16:08 | Reagovat

This foundation is great, Dermacol is very good brand!!!

3 Andy Andy | E-mail | 21. března 2016 v 17:32 | Reagovat

Princess,you're way too special to go to waste and not reading your blog,watching your videos and seeing your photos.Too beautiful,too talented!

4 bee bee | 21. března 2016 v 19:52 | Reagovat

what skin type is it for because i have very sensitive skin.

5 jl jl | 22. března 2016 v 0:53 | Reagovat

can u please post a photo of yourself (your skin)after using this foundation????

6 em em | 7. dubna 2016 v 18:55 | Reagovat

when will u post the new article? i love u!

7 annie,klara's fan annie,klara's fan | 11. dubna 2016 v 10:36 | Reagovat

klara,you are the best inspiration.i found your web by chance and i am so happy i did because you are perfect.you became my role model and i wish i could meet you one day!!please stay yourself beautiful lady klara!!i love you!your fan annie

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