Březen 2016

Dermacol Imperial Make-Up | REVIEW

21. března 2016 v 13:18 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

I really enjoy to try new beauty products so this time I'll write review for foundation named ''Imperial Make-Up'' by Dermacol brand. Price is actually okay (about 138 Kč / 6 Euro).
One of my best friends at high school recommented this foundation to me saying ''It's the best founation I've ever tried!''. I find the design really cute & girly, the name of this foundation makes you feel it's very special. I also like the smell of it (propably because of orchid extract) & it feels nice on your skin :-) On the other hand the coverage is not anyhow big so if you have acne scars you should look for different make-up or use some more products than just this foundation.

I don't think that this one will become my favourite make-up ever but I really enjoy using it especially if I want just light make-up look because this one looks like you don't even have make-up on your face :-)