Merry Christmas 2015

24. prosince 2015 v 8:02 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

To my sweetest readers:
2015 is almost over & one of the most exciting holiday seasons of the year just started recently. Yes, I'm talking about CHRISTMAS, of course! Mrkající This year was a little bit busy for me because I did my maturita exam & now I'm studying English language at Language school Amigas.

I've decided to film Vlogmas this year just like I did last year & the fact you guys liked it means a lot to me! I can't thank you enough for being such a supportive friends. I'll quickly explain what does ''Vlogmas'' mean if someone don't know. Vlogmas means simply vlogging every single day till Christmas. I'll vlog till 26th December because it's still somehow Christmas season for me plus here in the Czech republic it's still official holiday.


What do you guys want for Christmas? What customs are you about? What will you have for Christmas dinner? Let me know in the comments below.

Don't forget to read more to find out something more about Christmas in the Czech republic.

This year my mom & I worked on those adorable looking & great tasting little Christmas presents to eat. It was literally easy to made especially if we did/cooked the stuff before. I find those little presents really cool & cute. You can also do them by yourself and it takes just a while of your time. That's brilliant!

We basically made stuff like Baileys, dried fruit or mushrooms, baked fruity tea, mixed vegetable, elderberry syrup,...
I'll post more photos of this kind of yummy presents below.

I guess I should tell you something about Christmas in my country. The main difference between Christmas in the USA or the UK & the Czech republic is that we celebrate Christmas on 24th December. In the evening of 24th December we have a family dinner (originally: potato salad, carp & fish soup; but my family eats: chicken soup, schnitzel, potato salad & fried cheese for me). Then we're about to unwrap our Christmas presents & watch TV (Christmas movies or fairytales).

The holiday season in the Czech republic starts on 24th December and ends on 26th December (also 1st January is free day). But students can enjoy their holiday for such a longer time (for example this year it's since 18th December till 4th January but it depends on the school). Also many adults wants to enjoy their Christmas holiday with their families so they usually stay at home as well (if they want & can).

Another difference is that Santa Claus or Father Christmas don't give presents to Czech children because we have our own man called Ježíšek.

I've decided to share two photos of our Christmas tree we decorated for this Christmas. The little one takes place in my bedroom & later you'll be able to find presents I bought for my family, pets, boyfriend & friends underneath. The big one is in our dinning room (downstairs) and we unwrap our Christmas presents on 24th December's evening there.

Of course we baked many different kinds of Christmas sweets few days ago. We always bake those all together: my mom, Denisa & I are all about preparing, making,... while my daddy takes care of it while it's baking. As my teacher who is American living in the Czech republic for past 8 years told me the Americans bake only gingerbreads. We have many different kind of those Xmas sweets and everyone chooses their favourite one's to bake and eat.


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1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 25. prosince 2015 v 21:32 | Reagovat

Merry Xmas Klara and to your family too! I  wanted a new coat for this Xmas and I got it!!!I am very happy!!!

2 emily emily | 26. prosince 2015 v 0:20 | Reagovat

merry xmas

3 f f | 26. prosince 2015 v 0:38 | Reagovat

merry christmas klara lovato

4 bee bee | 27. prosince 2015 v 0:49 | Reagovat

merryy christmas.what did u got??

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