Elegant Light Pink Manicure

9. prosince 2015 v 18:21 | Klára Lovato |  Nails

As I already mentoined many times before - I'm obsessed with long, girly, nice looking & elegant nails. I'm not about to wear gel or acrylic nail tips, because it destroys your natural nails.

This time I'll show you pretty simple, but really nice & elegant looking light pink manicure.

All you'll need for this manicure is:
~ any kind of clear nail polish
~ light pink nail polish (I used Enamel with hardened by Gabriella Salvete)

I always put on the clear nail polish first, let it dry. Then I put on the light pink nail polish (or any color you want), let it dry again and then I put two last coats of clear nail polish and let it dry once again. It makes your colored nail polish stay on way longer, it's not a damage for your natural nails and you'll get the shiny look of your nails.. just like you were having a gel nails.


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1 emily emily | 12. prosince 2015 v 10:13 | Reagovat

i love the way your blog looks very very girly and princessy.and i love your nails.i will buy some similar color because it looks pretty.now i have red nails.

2 bee bee | 12. prosince 2015 v 13:16 | Reagovat

i love it

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