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As Chrismas & holiday season is coming closer and closer I'm more and more excited about it. I can't wait to bake Christmas sweets, sing Christmas songs, decorate our house, watch Christmas movies and so.
Facebook gossip page called ''Just More Gossip'' decided to make interviews with people they are posting about. I want to share this interview with you all. In case you missed it on their or my official Facebook pages.

Also, I want to wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! Do you guys have any New Year's results? Do you think you'll be able to suceed them or not? Share your results in comments below ;-)

Name: Klára Allyson
Age: 21
Q: What Holidays do you celebrate around this time of year?
A: Christmas & New Year's Eve :-)
Q: What are you looking forward to?
A: Watching Christmas movies with my family & boyfriend 😊
Q: What is the Most expensive thing you got as a present?
A: A car that my grandpa bought me for my 19th Birthday 😊
Q: If you could choose any of our stars to celebrate the holidays with which one would it be?
A: I don't really know who you consider your stars but maybe with Amanda because she's very kind person 😊
Q: is there any Family Holiday Destination you all go every year?
A: Not really. We spend Christmas at home & we visit our family as well.
Q: What is your excitement for this holiday?
A: I'm excited about everything from baking Christmas sweets, watching Christmas movies, spend time with my closest and so 😊
Q: Have you decided what to get anyone yet?
A: I'm thinking about a few presents but so far I've bought some presents just to my parents.
Q: if there was one thing around the holidays to have again what would it be?
A: A Christmas like when I was a little girl. That magical moment of waiting for Santa Claus (or Ježíšek in Czech republic) to come & bring us presents.
Q: Any Family Movies?
A: I love all those romantic, comedy or animated Christmas movies.
Q: What Clothing are you most excited for?
A: I find sweaters the best clothes for cold weather. It keeps you warm & it looks nice 😊
Q: any holiday tips for anyone?
A: Spend as much time with your loved one's as you can. That time is never wasted.
Q: Does your family take a holiday photo?
A: Sometimes yes. But mostly it's my sister Denisa, our cat Terezka & me in front of Christmas tree 😊
Q: Would you be open to sending us a Holiday photo?
A: For sure.
Q: is there anything more special about this year than last year?
A: Yeah! I have a boyfriend so it's also a challenge for me to find the right present for him.
Q: What's your favorite Holiday?
A: Christmas & also summer holiday 😊
Q: Has there been any embarrassing thing that happened at a holiday event?
A: Not really. I can't think of any.
Q: What's your favorite color to wear in fall and winter?
A: White, minty, light pink,.... it depends on my mood 😊
Q: What would rate rate your holidays 1-10 every year?
A: 9 ...there are always some ups & downs.
Q: Is there any New Years resolutions you've made?
A: Nope. I did one just last year - to graduate. It was the only one that I ever made.
Q: What is your New Years Plans?
A: I don't have any plans yet. But I've always loved watching maybe it would be the plan 😊
Q: Has any of your old New Years resolutions succeeded?
A: The one about graduation.
Q: What would you consider a great way to spend all the holidays?
A: With people you love, somewhere at exotic island on the beach. That sounds like a dream place to me!
Q: What's the weirdest gift you've gotten?
A: A break up day after Christmas 2 years ago (that was the only "present" he gave me for Christmas).
Q: is there any awkward family photos?
A: Definietly yes 😄
Q: Any favorite foods around this time?
A: Christmas sweets, nuts, fried cheese, caramel, chocolate & "svíčková" (Czech sauce).
Q: Anyone you'd like to say happy holidays to who aren't here?
A: The one's I loved and they already passed away, especially to my lovely grandma.
Q: Do you all dress the same in a holiday photo or completely normal?
A: Nope. We dress normal 😊
Any holiday wishes to anyone or anything I can help with? A: Happy holiday, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone who reads this.

This little photo collage was made from some last year's Christmas photos.

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1 emily emily | 1. prosince 2015 v 10:29 | Reagovat

will u vlog your vlogmas this year?because i loved it last year and i hope you will continue.

2 f f | 1. prosince 2015 v 11:00 | Reagovat


3 bee bee | 2. prosince 2015 v 9:53 | Reagovat

You are the best Klara!Merry xmas to you and your whole family.And happy new year too!

4 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 2. prosince 2015 v 13:51 | Reagovat

merry xmas and happy new year klara and to your family and boyfriend too!!!:)

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