Special French Braid

15. listopadu 2015 v 18:11 | Klára Lovato |  Hair

Now you have to think I'm all about hairstyles (especially any kinds of baids). To be honest, I'm usually so lazy when it comes to my hair so I normally wear the easiest kind of hairstyles.
I call this one ''Special French Braid'' , because it's regular french braid we all know, but you have to braid your hair different way. It's not anything hard to do, it takes you like max. 2-3 minutes & all you need for this hairstyle is any kind of ellastic band (and long hair of course).
If anyone is interested in HOW TO do this hairstyle, just let me know in the COMMENT and I will do a tutorial for this hairstyle as soon as possible ;-)


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Klara's natural hair color is...



1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 16. listopadu 2015 v 1:33 | Reagovat

seems like you love doing new hairstyles now.it looks great Klara!can you do tutorial video?

2 b b | 16. listopadu 2015 v 23:15 | Reagovat

u r da best

3 f f | 17. listopadu 2015 v 13:44 | Reagovat


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