Fishtail braid

12. října 2015 v 17:56 | Klára Lovato |  Hair

I find this hairstyle really nice & quite popular. It looks perfect especially if you have really long hair, so your fishtail braid is pretty long.
Let's be 100% honest.. I can't really do this hairstyle (maybe it's also because I have quite short hair to do this hairstyle on myself). So this hair and all the photos are mine own, but the hairstyle is done by my best friend Nikola.
Hopefully I will learn how to do this hairstyle on myself as soon as possible, so I could do it all by myself.


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Which hair color is the best for Klára Lovato?

Light brown
Dark brown


1 emily emily | 3. listopadu 2015 v 11:52 | Reagovat

i love your hair klara

2 f f | 17. listopadu 2015 v 13:45 | Reagovat


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