A life with the cutest cat Terezka

16. září 2015 v 19:05 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

How is a life with a cat? It's simply the best! (keep reading the post)

~Simple info~
Name: Terezka
Birthdate: 15th May 2007
British blue cat

She's the one, who can sleep in any bed, coach,.. in our house. She knows how beautiful & adorable she is and she actually know how to make us to do what she wants. She likes to cuddle, sleep & sit in the window.

I find so adobrable the fact she follows me everywhere I go (in the house..she's not able to go outside). Even if I would go just to the kitchen and I will say to her that I'll be right back, she will still go with me. That's just very cute in my view.

Now I'll share a few photos of Terezka as a little kitty. (photos are from Summer 2007)

...and of course some more photos of her (also with me) as an adult cat...


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1 Maya Maya | 4. října 2015 v 11:20 | Reagovat

Your cat Terezka is very beautiful :-) I want to adopt a kitty like she is.Lovin you and Terezka very much!

2 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 4. října 2015 v 20:17 | Reagovat

Terezka is extra adorable looking cat!I have ginger cat and her name is Emmya

3 emily emily | 9. října 2015 v 15:56 | Reagovat

you two are over cute

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