OOTD: Elegant Minty-White Look

1. srpna 2015 v 22:03 | Klára Lovato |  Fashion & style

I'm here with another outfit to give you an inspiration. This OOTD is great for nice spring/autumn days or for summer days that are not very hot (ok...it depends on your location for sure). Anyway, I find this outfit very simply but elegant & nice. I also love minty color & I bet I'm not the only one...so who's with me? :-)

It's not just about my outfit...I had a mood to curl my hair. I normally curl my hair over night (wearing high messy bun or french braid) but today I used my iron.

I just love my beautiful cat Terezka :-) ...do you guys have any pets?

~My outfit~
~Jeans: Tally Weijl~
~White top: Kik Fashion~
~Minty top: (a Birthday present from my ex)~
~Jumper: MNG Suit~

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1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 3. srpna 2015 v 13:35 | Reagovat

Klara you are looking perfect!!Your hair,outfit,smile,make-up..you are true princess all the way!!I will be always your fan and you will be my inspiration and role model!!You are perfect!!

2 p93 p93 | 4. srpna 2015 v 2:24 | Reagovat

du bist sexy

3 emily emily | 5. srpna 2015 v 11:37 | Reagovat

i love mint color i am obsess

4 s. s. | 6. srpna 2015 v 0:24 | Reagovat

very pretty.is that ur cat?

5 ROYAL.FOUND ROYAL.FOUND | 11. srpna 2015 v 18:06 | Reagovat


6 joshua joshua | 18. srpna 2015 v 15:15 | Reagovat

u pretty

7 x x | 24. srpna 2015 v 22:29 | Reagovat

u r too perfect

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