Dye your eyebrows by yourself | Step by step

10. srpna 2015 v 21:08 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

When I was about 14 years old I did a big mistake when I wanted to do my eyebrows and since that time I have just thin eyebrows that are my natural. But I need to do my eyebrows using brown eye pencil every morning... once I was really mad at my eyebrows and I have decided to visit cosmetician, so she did my eyebrows for like a year.

Now I do my eyebrows by myself, because it's way easier (and also cheaper) for me.

I'm using Lash color (which is for eyebrows too) by Rival de Loop that I bought in Rossmann drug store. They have brown and black one.

1) Clean your eyebrows so you don't have any eye pencil or eye shadows on them.
2) Take the little bottle and cotton wool chopstick, put it on your eyebrows and let it dry for 15 minutes.
3) Take the black brush and eyebrows color and put it on your eyebrows. Let it dry for a minute.
4) Clean your eyebrows with a facial wipe.

That's pretty all!


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Klara's natural hair color is...



1 ROYAL.FOUND ROYAL.FOUND | 11. srpna 2015 v 18:06 | Reagovat


2 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 11. srpna 2015 v 23:41 | Reagovat

I tried it and loved it

3 joshua joshua | 18. srpna 2015 v 15:15 | Reagovat

u hot

4 Elizabeta Elizabeta | E-mail | 19. srpna 2015 v 16:06 | Reagovat

[1]: no, you will not try it.

[2]: nope, you haven't tried it either.

[3]: You are hot* sadly, your avatar is blank so can't really tell but you shall indeed learn some English grammar Joshua.

Klára, I highly doubt any make-up artist cosmetic has been doing your eyebrows. Why? First, back in days they were so horrible and although they're improving they're still not as good as they shall be. Second, if your eyebrows were made by a professional you'd have eyebrows better than your idol Kate Middleton or Zoella or whoever you currently look up to. If you actually want to really improve your eyebrows try permanent Japanese method of drawing eyebrows. Since you shaded Karina because she asked money for a rent of you, I'm pretty sure you'd have enough money to improve your look https://www.google.com/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=yYzUVf30Neug8wf8-LXgCQ&gws_rd=cr#q=japanese+method+of+drawing+eyebrows I'd land you some but I guess that's not your level.

5 loveu loveu | 4. září 2015 v 22:08 | Reagovat

Who is that elisabeta?shes bad person.klara u r tha best

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