21st Birthday Update

20. srpna 2015 v 8:20 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

Hello dolls,
this day is very special for me because it's my 21st Birthday today! ;-)
If you live in the USA (or maybe some other countries.. I'm not sure) you become an adult when you turn your 21st Birthday. If you live in the Czech Republic (like me) or many other countries you're an adult since the time you turn your 18th Birthday. So this is already my 3rd year as an adult!
Anyway, I have decided to share some photos, news & facts with you for this special day ;-)
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...My Year In A Short...

~School life~

This year was my final year as a student of Hotel Services & Tourism school (Hotel High School). It was sad to say ''bye'' to the people who spent 4 years with me. We had much fun, we have many great memories and most of those people will miss me because they became a part of my life.
This year was also the hardest one...many HW, tests, exams,... and then... THE GRADUATION! But it wasn't been just about studying. As a senior year we had our graduation party (Stužkáč party or aso Prom party) which took time on 21st November, 2014 in Cross Cellar in Mikulov, Czech Republic. ( Read more here: http://klaralovato.blog.cz/en/1501/prom-party-we-are-seniors )

~Alanya, Turkey~

... 3rd - 15th July, 2015... It's summer & that means it's time for another great holiday with my lovely family! This year we decided to fly to Alanya, Turkey which became one of my favorite places all over the world! :-) I met many amazing people there, so quick shout out to Dominika, Adam, Fatih, Tony & many more amazing people!

For more photos follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.800337450064768.1073741838.545523482212834&type=3

For video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU2HV0noVwE

~ Martinsicuro, Italy~

... 25th July - 1st August, 2015... It's time for another amazing family holiday! This time we went to Italy which is one of my favourite countries since I went there for the first time when I was 11. I highly recomment you all the Palm Riviera :-)

For more photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.805146566250523.1073741841.545523482212834&type=3
For video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2qH9by6x8A

...21 Facts About Me...

1. I was born on 20th August, 1994 in Czech republic
2. I have Czech, Slovak & Romanian origins
3. My natural hair color is red-brown
4. My eye color is brown-green-yellow
5. I love travelling all over the world
6. I'm all girly girl
7. I'm site model, youtuber & blogger but I study as well
8. I want to work abroad
9. I love my pets, family & friends
10. I'm addicted to driving a car, lip balm & good meal
11. I have one sister named Denisa, who is about 3 years & 11 months younger than me
12. I was born on my daddy's 21st Birthday
13. My real surname isn't Lovato
14. I'm scared of snakes & spiders
15. I always enjoy hot & sunny days, it also makes my mood way better
16. I will study the Language school in Brno, Czech Republic & get the Cambridge certificate (English language)
17. My current favorite hair color is purple but I'm thinking of ombré
18. I can eat anything I want and I'll never get fat
19. My sister is taller than me (I'm 157cm & she's 171cm)
20. I was born on Saturday & it's my favorite day of week
21. I always hated Math & Chemistry

Thank you for your support guys! I always enjoy the fact you like my work (videos, photos, blog posts). Looking forward next amazing year with all of you ;-)
Let's celebrate!! ;-) Cheers!
xoxo Klára


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1 Ann Ann | 20. srpna 2015 v 13:20 | Reagovat

Hello Klara Happy Bday💐

2 s. s. | 20. srpna 2015 v 18:12 | Reagovat

happy bday to u and ur dad

3 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 20. srpna 2015 v 18:49 | Reagovat

Dear Klara,I want to wish you and your father very Happy Birthday from me! (-:  I will always be your fan and I will support you.Will you make a Birthday video?

4 ROYAL.FOUND ROYAL.FOUND | 20. srpna 2015 v 18:50 | Reagovat

Happy Birthday to you Klara nad your Father too.It is great that you were born on your Father's Birthday.

5 wool wool | 20. srpna 2015 v 19:18 | Reagovat

happy bday klara and i hope you are not sad about these b**ches

6 dia dia | 20. srpna 2015 v 21:21 | Reagovat


7 cc cc | 20. srpna 2015 v 22:02 | Reagovat

I am 160 only 3cm more than u.and happy bday

8 emily emily | 20. srpna 2015 v 22:02 | Reagovat

klara-happy birthday to you and your dad

9 Bia96 Bia96 | 20. srpna 2015 v 22:15 | Reagovat

Hello Klara,my sister is your #1 fan and she told me about you and I checked your web and Youtube.You are gorgeous person and very beautiful and I am happy that my sister showed me someone as amazing as you are.I want to wish your HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me and MY SISTER OLIVIA too and to your father too.Enjoy your Birthday party:-)

10 Z.1995 Z.1995 | 20. srpna 2015 v 22:41 | Reagovat

Happy birthday Klara and Klara's dad

11 Klaranator Klaranator | 20. srpna 2015 v 23:01 | Reagovat

I am sorry if I am late(I don't know what time is by you)but happy birthday to your and your father.I hope you had a great birthday party

12 p93 p93 | 20. srpna 2015 v 23:30 | Reagovat

i love u happy bday

13 x x | 24. srpna 2015 v 11:44 | Reagovat

happy late bday klara allyson

14 daisy daisy | 31. srpna 2015 v 23:08 | Reagovat

happy late birthday klara!!when will u post new post??

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