Srpen 2015

21st Birthday Update

20. srpna 2015 v 8:20 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

Hello dolls,
this day is very special for me because it's my 21st Birthday today! ;-)
If you live in the USA (or maybe some other countries.. I'm not sure) you become an adult when you turn your 21st Birthday. If you live in the Czech Republic (like me) or many other countries you're an adult since the time you turn your 18th Birthday. So this is already my 3rd year as an adult!
Anyway, I have decided to share some photos, news & facts with you for this special day ;-)
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...My Year In A Short...

~School life~

This year was my final year as a student of Hotel Services & Tourism school (Hotel High School). It was sad to say ''bye'' to the people who spent 4 years with me. We had much fun, we have many great memories and most of those people will miss me because they became a part of my life.
This year was also the hardest one...many HW, tests, exams,... and then... THE GRADUATION! But it wasn't been just about studying. As a senior year we had our graduation party (Stužkáč party or aso Prom party) which took time on 21st November, 2014 in Cross Cellar in Mikulov, Czech Republic. ( Read more here: )

Dye your eyebrows by yourself | Step by step

10. srpna 2015 v 21:08 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

When I was about 14 years old I did a big mistake when I wanted to do my eyebrows and since that time I have just thin eyebrows that are my natural. But I need to do my eyebrows using brown eye pencil every morning... once I was really mad at my eyebrows and I have decided to visit cosmetician, so she did my eyebrows for like a year.

Now I do my eyebrows by myself, because it's way easier (and also cheaper) for me.

I'm using Lash color (which is for eyebrows too) by Rival de Loop that I bought in Rossmann drug store. They have brown and black one.

OOTD: Elegant Minty-White Look

1. srpna 2015 v 22:03 | Klára Lovato |  Fashion & style

I'm here with another outfit to give you an inspiration. This OOTD is great for nice spring/autumn days or for summer days that are not very hot ( depends on your location for sure). Anyway, I find this outfit very simply but elegant & nice. I also love minty color & I bet I'm not the only who's with me? :-)