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26. července 2015 v 13:29 | Klára Lovato |  Nails
Hello my beautiful ladies,
lots of you are asking me how I do my nails, so they are long & looking as a gel nails, even if they're not. I've decided to tell you my little ''secret'' that I do everytime I paint my nails. I don't have any special products or so. I use nail polishes from Rossmann (brands: Essence, Gabriella Salvete, Rimmel London,..), but you can use any nail polishes you like.

The ''secret'' is... I always put clear nail polish firts, then let it dry & put any colored nail polish I like, let it dry again & put clear nail polish once again, so my nails look super shinny & they will look perfect for another week or two.

I'll also show you a few photos of my NATURAL nails, so yeah! It's possible to have perfect natural nails ;-) Don't forget to click the ''full article'' button to see all the photos!
Hope you all have a great summer!
xoxo Klára


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1 emily emily | 3. srpna 2015 v 14:03 | Reagovat

wow and that is your natural nails????

2 s. s. | 6. srpna 2015 v 0:24 | Reagovat

very nice nails

3 loveu loveu | 4. září 2015 v 22:10 | Reagovat

U r perfectt

4 Maya Maya | 4. října 2015 v 20:13 | Reagovat

I wish I would live close to you so I would know you personally and be your friend and you would teach me how to have those perfect nails

5 f f | 17. listopadu 2015 v 13:46 | Reagovat

love it that is perfect nails

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