1 Elizabeta Lujanac Elizabeta Lujanac | E-mail | 20. června 2015 v 20:49 | Reagovat

Love the article! I myself have Essence's Waterproof mascara for quite long. It's cheep but it's actually the best waterproof make up I have ever had. I once had cream, water and bunch of other stuff in my face, I washed it with water and I still had mascara on! But the thing I dislike about the mascara is that my eyelashes after an hour get so heavy and my eyes look so tired.

2 s. s. | 24. června 2015 v 18:52 | Reagovat

i am not a fan of water proof mascaras.when i go swim i don't wear make-up.

3 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 24. června 2015 v 20:37 | Reagovat

Klara,you are very lucky girl because ur lashes are very long.My lashes are not as long as yours.I prefer to not wear mascara when I will spend day by the sea or by the pool.It is easier.

4 wool wool | 24. června 2015 v 22:05 | Reagovat

that is gr8 post

5 emily emily | 24. června 2015 v 22:51 | Reagovat

i like essence

6 dia dia | 2. července 2015 v 23:06 | Reagovat

you always have perfect lashes

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