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11. května 2015 v 22:38 | Klára Lovato |  Hair
Dear readers,
ombré, ombré, ombré!
We all have heard about this trend, but do we all know what it really is?
Ombré hair is the french termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. It's very popular this time, and many popular people like Demi Lovato, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and many, many more!
To be honest, I really like this trend, because it's something different, really cute & it also look natural even if your hair are two-colored! I had ombré hair once by ''an accident'' back in 2011, when I had dark brown (almost black) hair and I just wanted to be blonde, so it took really long time. I had my natural red-brown on the top and dark brown/black ends. I thought it was terrible looking, but now I found out it's cool :-D hehe...
As I'm thinking about it I'll maybe try ombré hair once again, but this time with blonde lights and brown top!

A photo of me with ''ombré'' hair (spring 2011):

I found also one article how to ombré your hair, so you girls can check it out by following this link:
...and there's also many videos on youtube, which will help you how to do it!

You can also use this L'oreal color:

At the end I'm adding some cute photos of ombré hair ;-)


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Which hair color is the best for Klára Lovato?

Light brown
Dark brown


1 s. s. | 12. května 2015 v 20:22 | Reagovat

i want ombre

2 wool wool | 12. května 2015 v 22:28 | Reagovat

question:Which hair color is the best for Klára Lovato?
answer: ombre!

3 jill jill | 12. května 2015 v 23:44 | Reagovat

dye your hair as this please.that will look good on your hair.

4 SAMANTA558 SAMANTA558 | 13. května 2015 v 1:29 | Reagovat


5 Liz Liz | E-mail | Web | 13. května 2015 v 18:49 | Reagovat

Great choice! I've had ombre #1 it's good but have professional hairdresser do it rather than going on by yourself.

Check out my new post @

6 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 14. května 2015 v 13:10 | Reagovat

[5]: I didn't really have Ombré but it just quite looked like that. But yeah...I'd love to try it one day :-) ...propably brown hair with blonde Ombré :-) for sure I'll check it!

7 tina97 tina97 | 14. května 2015 v 14:44 | Reagovat

do your hair ombre look klara!!+

8 jill jill | 15. května 2015 v 18:29 | Reagovat

i love you klara please reply to me please please please

9 real real | 17. května 2015 v 18:04 | Reagovat

is this real klara lovato?

10 dia dia | 30. května 2015 v 1:28 | Reagovat

do it on your hair

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