On My Way Back Home From School + Inside My Car

29. dubna 2015 v 22:17 | Klára Lovato |  Personal photos

Hope you all had a great day! I'm almost done with my studies & I'll graduade really soon (the 1st & 3rd week of May), so I have to study for my exams now. But don't worry, I have many posts for you here on my web, guys. I'm about to post a special video as soon as possible too, but it will take some more time.. I guess. Just give me some time & stay patient.

This post is all about the photos of me while I was on my way home from school (photos were taken on 17th April, 2015). I have decided to share some of my smile or crazy faces, a few photos of the nature here & also some photos of my car (Matýsek) inside.

Let's be honest.. I'm addicted to driving! I could drive all day & all night.. but gas here in Czech republic is quite expensive, even if the price isn't as high as before. But if you'll compare the gas in the USA and in Czech republic...it's waaaaaay cheaper in the USA. I don't really get this, because it's the same thing.
Anyway, I enjoy driving especially if it's nice weather. I'm also always singing while driving my car :-D

As far as I'm studying I need some backpack where I keep my books, pens,... and of couse my snacks, drink, cosmetics, etc. At the moment I'm in love with my bright hot pink Nike backpack!

Don't take me wrong, but I really don't enjoy the German lessons. Since there are just 3 people in my class that will have exams from German language, the next people in the class (including me) are not really studying those last weeks...we usually have something else to do or we can just sit with our mobile phones and stay silently.

Today, we did some quiz and then my best friend (and my classmate) Nikola did my hair. I would call this Braided Ponytail. I think that this hairstyle is pretty nice looking! Btw.. there will be the whole post about this hairstyle.

Let's move on. It's time to show you the beautiful nature of Mikulov, Czech republic. Mikulov is a city, not a village...those photos were taken out of the town and centre.

Let's go inside my car for a while...


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1 s. s. | 30. dubna 2015 v 11:39 | Reagovat

love u and ur look.very elegant lady.

2 dia dia | 30. dubna 2015 v 13:28 | Reagovat

holly chick

3 Jacques Jacques | 30. dubna 2015 v 13:44 | Reagovat

sexy girl!is it your car???? (:

4 ANN ANN | 1. května 2015 v 16:27 | Reagovat


5 emily emily | 1. května 2015 v 22:08 | Reagovat

u very hot,very cute and nice.i love ur hair,ur eyes and style. u r very stylish young lady.u r my idol and i wish i will meet you one day in future.i love you klara. #klaranators

6 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 2. května 2015 v 21:24 | Reagovat

you are very pretty looking klara

7 sarah sarah | 8. května 2015 v 23:00 | Reagovat

i am ur fan n1

8 Liz Liz | E-mail | Web | 11. května 2015 v 16:58 | Reagovat

Loved this article! Can't wait to see more from you my friend!

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