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2. dubna 2015 v 19:51 | Klára Lovato |  Hair

I have dyed my hair for the first time when I was 14 years old. First... I loved my natural red-brown hair, but then I wanted to change it so I dyed my hair dark brown. Since that time I've tried bunch of different colors like black, dark brown, blonde, purple,... In my opinion light or medium brown or also brown with purple suits me the best!

Dying your hair often isn't good for your hair! I dye my hair like once in 3 months.

I don't really like Schwartzkopf colors.. I find out that L'oréal colors are the best for me. Now I'll show you two different tones of colors by L'oréal...

Ok lots of you don't understand Czech language, but this one should be light brown, but when I dyed my hair using this one it was more like dark brown, so it wasn't what I actually wanted my hair to look.

This one is named ''Dark Cherry'' so it should make your hair dark red, when I used this color my hair were actually brown with purple (I bet that you already saw me wearing this color..if not I'll add photo below), so it wasn't what I expected first, but I think that this is my current favorite. Especially for hot and sunny days by the pool or at the beach!


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Klara's natural hair color is...



1 Liz Liz | E-mail | Web | 3. dubna 2015 v 13:17 | Reagovat

Said it many times so I'll repeat once again - I'd really love to see you as a blonde once again although it'll take ages and/or lots of professional hands to make you bottle blonde. I've been dying my hair as well (ombre, ginger, sweet brunette and now dark brown); first two colours were L'Oreal's colours and the second two were Syoss. I must admit I was more satisfied with Syoss colours than L'Oreal. Adding to that, Syoss is cheaper and many hairdressing salons are using Syoss products. Speaking of choosing the right hair colour for yourself - I believe no one can pick better than yourself. I myself would chose the first one, light brown but you said yourself you like the second better. You know what suits you the most and what you could pull off. If you have dark pignaments you must be aware that whatever hair colour you use it'll be darker than it looks on the box.

2 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 3. dubna 2015 v 13:28 | Reagovat

[1]: Thank you sweety. Well, I would like to try really light brown, but as you said...it always look darker in the reality. This one should be really light and it turned into almost black. Even my sister, who's naturally blonde used to have way darker hair than she thought it will be. I also like ombré...so I was thinking of light or medium brown to blonde...but at the moment I really like the purple one...it will look even better when I'll be super tanned in summer...can't wait! Well I haven't tried Syoss hair colors...but I saw many hairdressers and even youtube gurus using Syoss products..so maybe next time :-) ...but I really don't like Schwartzkopf hair colors..I need to buy at least two for my hair and once I bought blonde (it was the time I had blonde hair) and it was brown with grey, green and purple...I just hated it! :-D ..so since that moment I won't buy Schwartzkopf hair color :-)

3 s. s. | 3. dubna 2015 v 21:20 | Reagovat

i like loreal blonde color

4 jill jill | 4. dubna 2015 v 13:02 | Reagovat

dye ur hair red

5 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 5. dubna 2015 v 14:06 | Reagovat

Klara your hair are looking great!!I wish my hair will look like yours!!!

6 Charlesimmal Charlesimmal | E-mail | Web | 23. srpna 2017 v 14:11 | Reagovat

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7 Caseyphile Caseyphile | E-mail | Web | 23. září 2017 v 19:56 | Reagovat

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