How I changed my hair colors/styles? | part 2

29. března 2015 v 17:31 | Klára Lovato |  Hair
I've already wrote this kind of article, but since it's a while ago I've decided to update this post about my hair changes.

Follow the link to check the first part of this article.

~September 2011-February 2013~

It was a long way to be a blondie from a brunette. As I loved my blonde hair first I started to actually hate it one time and I wanted my brown hair back, so I dyed my hair again...

~Dark brown~
~February 2013-April 2014~

I had my dark hair & I used to wear my hair curly most of the time (that's what I still love, but my curls aren't the same :-( ).

~April 2014-July 2014~

It was propably my favorite kind of tone of brown hair that I ever had.

~July 2014-August 2014~

Almost my natural hair color & pretty long hair.

~Brown with purple~
~August 2014-now~

I'm currently in love with this hair color (Dark Cherry from Loréal), so I'm not planning any change yet. I just cut my hair way shorter. (more photos of me with long and also medium hair below)
I cut my hair in December 2014.


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Klara's natural hair color is...



1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 1. dubna 2015 v 13:58 | Reagovat

You have the besst hair I have ever seen on a girl!I wish my hair would look like yours but my hair is very thin :-(

2 Jacques Jacques | 1. dubna 2015 v 23:41 | Reagovat

you are hot girl!!!

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