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We all are naturally beautiful in our own way, but if we want to look even better we'll need to use some foundation. It's always easier if your skin looks perfect & you don't have acne or scars, but of course..even I do fight with my acne, even if it's way better by the time (and my care).

I'll show you four different foundations (with my opinion about them) that I've bought in Rossmann drugstore.

~Soft Touch Mousse~
I find this foundation perfect especially if you're begginer or if you prefer very light make-up. You can choose your color from 4 different tones. The coverage isn't really good enough, so you should use corrector in matching color too. But I love how soft your face is after using this foundation.

~Skin Matching~

I can't recomment this one to anyone! I seriously hate it! This foundation has so watery texture and it has any coverage. Also.. as I remember after a few hours it makes ugly maps on your face. What a waste of money!
(I don't own the photo, since I don't have this foundation anymore)

~Stay All Day 16h~

I'm in love with this long lasting foundation. It actually lasts for all day/night long. The coverage isn't that bad, but if you have any acne you should still use your corrector too.
There are 4 different tones, so you can choose the right one for you. I highly recomment this one!

~B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector~

There's just two different tones (light & dark), but I can recomment this one to you girls! This foundation also smells so good. It stays for at least 10 hours, but you should use your corrector too (the coverage isn't really good). I also feel it heals my face when I have acne.

Have you tried any of them? What's your favorite foundation?

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1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 1. března 2015 v 20:53 | Reagovat

Klara,your web is getting very nice!!And my favorite foundation is from Rimmel London.

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