Studying... hard time of a student

1. února 2015 v 21:02 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

I bet that I had already shared my feelings as a senior on Hotel High School with you guys, but it's still getting worse & worse..
To be honest I was the kind of student that usually studied just at school a few minutes before we had an exam, but now I know I should take my studies more seriously!
It's the right time to do my HW, school project and... STUDY! It's my last few months (I have my maturita exam in May 2015), so I have still more and more stuff to school that I need to work on & still more exams I need to study for. This it terrible time for me, because I was never been into school so much.

Most of my days now are all the same.. I wake up at 6:20am (if it's school day, of course), get ready to go to school & when I finally come back home I study, do my HW and I really should start to work on my maturita exam questions and I also should continue my maturita exam essay, which is all about a trip to Lednicko-valtický areal in Czech republic.

And when I need to relax & it's quite nice weather...I usually go on a walk with my sweet patterdale terrier puppy Rafi.

...Or if it's not really nice weather or I'm too tired to go on a walk, there's always Terezka by my side ;-)


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1 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 1. února 2015 v 21:15 | Reagovat

I know you will do your maturita fabulous!You are very clever girl

2 emily emily | 1. února 2015 v 21:21 | Reagovat

do not worry,you will do that

3 Elizabeta Elizabeta | E-mail | Web | 1. února 2015 v 23:27 | Reagovat

Good luck Klára! I have matura exam next year!

4 wool wool | 11. února 2015 v 0:11 | Reagovat

it will be ok.u dont need to worry

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