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25. února 2015 v 16:29 | Klára Lovato |  Hair

As every girl I'm obsessed with my hair & I want my hair to look the best possible way. To be honest I'm not really the one, who's using a million different hair products, masks & so.

First at all.. you shouldn't tease your hair often, because it's not really good for your hair. I currently tease my hair just a little bit when I'm going on any kind of official event or on a date.

~Blow drying~
If possible let your hair dry naturally. If you're in hurry, you should use any kind of spray protection for your hair (I don't really use one).
Towel off your hair slightly first, just enough to stop the dripping. Brush through your hair gently, or de-tangle it with your fingers while blow drying your hair. You shouldn't blow-dry your hair with using too warmly air.

The same as teasing. You shouldn't use hairspray too often. I remember that I was using lots of hairspray every single day when I was 16-years-old and after a year or so my hair were super damaged. I promised to myself I won't do this again.
At the moment I'm using hairspray just if I curl my hair so my curls will stay all day/all night long.

~Hair care routine~
Let's start the topic this post is about... what shampoo, conditioner & other products do I use? Read more to find out!

Type: hair shampoo
Brand: Naturalis
Store: Rossmann

Hair shampoo by Naturalis is one of the cheapest one's in Rossmann store (35,- KČ/1,25 euro/1,40 dollar), but you would definietly fall in love with this product because of the sweet yellow melon and aloe vera fragrance.

Type: Conditioner
Brand: L'oréal
Store: Rossmann, DM

I really like L'oréal products and this conditioner with protein & pearls makes your hair so soft to touch.

Type: Wet conditioner
Brand: Isana
Store: Rossmann

My hairdresser recomment me a wet conditioner when I had problem with brushing my hair two years ago. My sister has got type of hair that you wash and then you CAN'T brush them, but this conditioner helps her!
They have different fruity fragrances, but I choosed peach one.


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1 s. s. | 25. února 2015 v 23:01 | Reagovat

i wish my hair wil be as beautiful as youurs!

2 SAMUEL SAMUEL | 26. února 2015 v 17:00 | Reagovat


3 emily emily | 1. března 2015 v 17:30 | Reagovat

i will buy those products and i very hope my hair will b as beuatiful as urs!!!!!!love u #klaranators

4 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 1. března 2015 v 20:55 | Reagovat

Your hair are very pretty!!!!I wish mine was like yours!!!!

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