A day in Prague

3. února 2015 v 10:41 | Klára Lovato |  Personal photos

I spent the whole last day of January in capital city of Czech republic - Prague with my family. We walked in busy the streets of Prague and it was really cold weather. Later afternoon we went to Broadway Theater to see musical named ''The Three Musketeers'', which we all absolutelly loved.

The acting and music was amazing! Those people were so talented! One time you were crying of laugh and the very next time you almost cried over the serious parts. It was one of my favorite musicals ever.
I have a few photos of the Prague's streets, shops, Broadway Theatre (outside and one photo inside), but of course..I wasn't been able to take photos while we watched the musical because it's illegal.


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1 Elizabeta Elizabeta | E-mail | Web | 3. února 2015 v 21:21 | Reagovat

Wonderful! I'm suppoed to go on matural school trip in Prague this year but we'll see what'll happen. Nice article! What else have you watched in theatre?

2 s. s. | 6. února 2015 v 13:33 | Reagovat

great photos.i want go there one day 2

3 hi this is amy hi this is amy | 7. února 2015 v 0:07 | Reagovat

good post

4 wool wool | 11. února 2015 v 0:10 | Reagovat

u r very pretty and denisa too

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