Únor 2015

Current hair care routine + review

25. února 2015 v 16:29 | Klára Lovato |  Hair

As every girl I'm obsessed with my hair & I want my hair to look the best possible way. To be honest I'm not really the one, who's using a million different hair products, masks & so.

First at all.. you shouldn't tease your hair often, because it's not really good for your hair. I currently tease my hair just a little bit when I'm going on any kind of official event or on a date.

~Blow drying~
If possible let your hair dry naturally. If you're in hurry, you should use any kind of spray protection for your hair (I don't really use one).
Towel off your hair slightly first, just enough to stop the dripping. Brush through your hair gently, or de-tangle it with your fingers while blow drying your hair. You shouldn't blow-dry your hair with using too warmly air.

Gold Glitter Nails (french manicure)

17. února 2015 v 11:02 | Klára Lovato |  Nails

Since I'm obsessed with long & nice looking nails, I do my manicure quite often (all by myself). I think that I'm mostly into different ways of french manicure or light/elegant looking nails.
This time I've decided to do a kind of french manicure using gold glitter nail polish, you can use any brand you want (I used ''Las Vegas Nail Polish'' that I bought in DM drugstore).

My beauty tip: I'm always using clear nail polish, let it dry & then I'm using the color nail polish, let it dry again and to make my nails looking more like gel nails I put next two coats of clear nail polish!

Sweater Weather OOTD

11. února 2015 v 0:56 | Klára Lovato |  Fashion & style
Winter or any other cold day is perfect to wear your favorite sweater and keep yourself comfortable & warm. I have to say that I love those big sweaters or also those tiny & elegant one's. And now.. it's time to share my winter OOTD with you guys!

Rossmann Drugstore Mascara Reviews

6. února 2015 v 14:49 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

First of all I should say that mascara is propably my favorite kind of make-up products, because I'm obsessed with pretty, dark & super long lashes! I also prefer massive, big & curl brushes.
I mostly buy my mascaras at the Rossmann store, so I was thinking of to do a review of a few mascaras that I've tried before.
It's magical how even one coat of mascara can make your eyes look bigger & more beautiful ;-)

~The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara~

This mascara makes your lashes thick, but really long. It's perfect for a very natural eye make-up look, but since I prefer darker lashes I used to put this mascara first & then I used to put on also another mascara for darker & more massive lashes.

A day in Prague

3. února 2015 v 10:41 | Klára Lovato |  Personal photos

I spent the whole last day of January in capital city of Czech republic - Prague with my family. We walked in busy the streets of Prague and it was really cold weather. Later afternoon we went to Broadway Theater to see musical named ''The Three Musketeers'', which we all absolutelly loved.

Studying... hard time of a student

1. února 2015 v 21:02 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

I bet that I had already shared my feelings as a senior on Hotel High School with you guys, but it's still getting worse & worse..
To be honest I was the kind of student that usually studied just at school a few minutes before we had an exam, but now I know I should take my studies more seriously!
It's the right time to do my HW, school project and... STUDY! It's my last few months (I have my maturita exam in May 2015), so I have still more and more stuff to school that I need to work on & still more exams I need to study for. This it terrible time for me, because I was never been into school so much.