Prom party - WE ARE SENIORS!

2. ledna 2015 v 11:02 | Klára Lovato |  Actions
Hello everyone,
as you all propably know, I'm studying Hotel High School in Mikulov, Czech republic & since it's my last year there, I finally had a prom party with my class mates!
We decided to make all the delicious food by ourselfs. It took a long time & it was actually quite hard, but we did it and we can be really proud!

Our prom party took place in Mikulov's ''cross'' cellar on 21st November, 2014. We all had a great time, so now I decided to show you a few photos.

This is the time when we should take our studies really seriously, do many stuff to school & write our maturita exam essays. No fun or lots of free time anymore! It's a few last months we spend as a students!


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1 s. s. | 2. ledna 2015 v 21:05 | Reagovat

those photos are very nice and the food look tasty!!i hope you all will pass your exams well and have great last year together.

2 phillip phillip | 3. ledna 2015 v 22:44 | Reagovat

U look stunning

3 hi this is amy hi this is amy | 9. ledna 2015 v 19:37 | Reagovat

u beautiful

4 name name | 11. ledna 2015 v 9:29 | Reagovat

U sexy

5 jay jay | 24. ledna 2015 v 8:44 | Reagovat


6 em em | 25. ledna 2015 v 20:58 | Reagovat

where did you bought the dress? and is it your real hair?so long

7 wool wool | 11. února 2015 v 0:27 | Reagovat

wow what a party!!!u pretty

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