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27. ledna 2015 v 21:27 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

It's my last year of Hotel High School.. so I need to do lots of stuff to school & I also need to study hard - but the hardest time is coming in May! THE MATURITA EXAM....

I really needed to spend some good time with my best friends, since we didn't hang out for super long time. We decided to visit ''Café Dolce Vita'' in Mikulov and have hot chocolate. I guess we're chocolate lovers.. haha :-)

So Jitka & Veronika ordered normal hot chocolate & I had caramel hot chocolate. It was actually yummy! And we had great time together. You know, when you're with your friends you still have some topic to talk about.
Of course we took few photos together. And then we went home ( house) because my besties missed Rafi already.

...and home with Rafi (he wanted to play, so it was quite hard to take photo of him)...


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1 Elizabeta Elizabeta | E-mail | Web | 28. ledna 2015 v 14:45 | Reagovat

I was just about to ask you about your next post. Love this one!Have you tried a hot chocolate with coconut? It's my favourite! You gave me an brilliant idea for my next blog post so don't be surprised seeing something similar on my blog in the near future!  


2 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 28. ledna 2015 v 16:27 | Reagovat

[1]: Thank you so much Eli! Well nope, I haven't.. but to be honest I haven't even found anywhere hot chocolate with coconut..but I've tried hot chocolate with nuts, chilli and now with caramel...all were great! I'm just a chocolate lover :-D Can't wait to read your new post!

3 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 28. ledna 2015 v 17:03 | Reagovat

Hello Klara,I love your web and this article is great.I tried caramel chocolate  last week and it is so good.

4 Elizabeta Elizabeta | E-mail | Web | 28. ledna 2015 v 18:26 | Reagovat

[2]: Welcome pretty! I'm sure there'll be hot chocolate with coconut in your country pretty soon and once you try it (if you're coconut lover)you'll adore it!

In case you haven't seen yet there's new post on my blog so visit


5 s. s. | 28. ledna 2015 v 18:47 | Reagovat

wow!new look?amazing!!!

6 jill jill | 28. ledna 2015 v 20:18 | Reagovat

ur shorter hair look very good

7 bea bea | 28. ledna 2015 v 21:01 | Reagovat

i am in love with ur new design and i love tihs post too.i want to have the same hair as you

8 Ana Bajo Ana Bajo | 29. ledna 2015 v 10:58 | Reagovat

I heard about you on 365 Shades of my Life and went to check. you're pretty good. what camera do you use? pictures in caffee are high quality so i'm wondering. is it ever possible to see you in croatia?
greetings from split

ps my daughter reads you every day

9 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 29. ledna 2015 v 13:33 | Reagovat

[4]: Well, I'm not really a coconut lover, but I love the flawor sometimes...but if I'll see coconut hot chocolate I'll definietly try it :-) and I already commented on your newest post!

[8]: Thank you so much! Well I'm using my mobile phone which is Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus...and also my best friend took some of those photos with her mobile (but to be honest, I don't have idea what kind of mobile is that, she changes it too often). Actually, I was been in Croatia in July for the last time yet...just for a week, I'm not there really often. Greets to your daughter!

10 Jacques Jacques | E-mail | 29. ledna 2015 v 14:04 | Reagovat

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life!!!!If i had a chance to date you I would be the luckiest man ever in the world!!!!

11 em em | 29. ledna 2015 v 16:35 | Reagovat

i want to look as you because you are very very beautiful

12 REBECCA REBECCA | E-mail | 29. ledna 2015 v 20:32 | Reagovat


13 Ana Bajo Ana Bajo | 30. ledna 2015 v 12:15 | Reagovat

[9]: If you'll be ever coming to Split let me know because my daughter and I would love to meet you xx and I have smoking hot brother your age ;)

14 adam adam | 30. ledna 2015 v 22:23 | Reagovat

u hot

15 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 30. ledna 2015 v 22:29 | Reagovat

[12]: Thank you so much!

[13]: I wasn't been there yet, but I'd let you know....ohh :-)

16 wool wool | 11. února 2015 v 0:12 | Reagovat

wow klara your shorted hair look amazing!!!!!it suits you well

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