Holiday interview with Kristina Muller

22. ledna 2015 v 2:07 | Klára Lovato & Kristina Muller |  Interviews
KM - Kristina Muller
KL - Klara Lovato
KM: Our time's here! Are you ready?!

KL: For sure

KM: So we may start now!
Let's start with something basic. Has your life changed anyhow since the last time you gave an interview? How?

KL: I think that the biggest change in my life now is that I'm a senior. It's finally my last year at high school but it also means that I need to study and do lots of extra HW.

KM: In other words, so troubled finals have arrived, huh? We wish you a good luck! May you pass all your exams well. To put school life aside, tell me how's your private life? Family, friends, love?

KL: Yes, and thank you so much Well my family is fine & healthy, so now we're abou to enjoy Christmas time. My friends are fine as well & I'm single at the moment. Searching for the right guy.

KM: Speaking of "friends" what happened with Elizabeta? You two seemed like one and the same, what has happened? (On your request, this question will be cut out of interview.)
So you can reply honestly but in case you don't want to create public drama in between two of you, you can request and I will keep it only between us.

KL: (it's ok.I'll answer.)

Well we used to be really close but since we live far away and we're usually busy it has changed. But I still like her & watch her shows.

KM: That's actually really nice of you. So, how do you comment the fact that she has first unfollowed you on your both Twitter accounts, then deleted her account itself and later unfriended you on Facebook as well?

KL: I was really sad & quite shocked when I saw that but it's her choice so I need to accept it.

KM: However, back to the interview, is everything yet ready from Christmas or you're taking it slow?

KL: I personally think that she has changed but as I's her life and her choices. Well I already have all the presents, but I still need to wrap them oh and I already have my mini Christmas three in my bedroom. Can't wait to bake the Christmas sweets with my parents & Denisa.

KM: Exciting! Do you have any plans to surprise your fans so called Klaranators in this Christimas time?

KL: I'm working on my first Vlogmas video. It's not really a surprise but I want to make it more interesting than my vlogs.

KM: What's the difference between Vlogmas and vlog?

KL: Vlogmas is vlogging everyday till Christmas, but you's all about that Christmas time and so.

KM: Nice! Got plans how you'll spend Christmas and NYE?

KL: Since I don't have a boyfriend I'll spend it propably with my family.

KM: Quite lovely. Well, if that's it, we wish you Happy Holidays! And big thank you for being a part of our Christmas Special 2014!

KL: Happy Holidays to you & everyone who reads this too!


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1 hi this is amy hi this is amy | 23. ledna 2015 v 17:19 | Reagovat

you are so down to earth that is why i love you .do not change please

2 s. s. | 23. ledna 2015 v 17:44 | Reagovat

great interview

3 jay jay | 24. ledna 2015 v 8:41 | Reagovat

Lovin u

4 jill jill | 25. ledna 2015 v 20:21 | Reagovat

hope you have enjoyed your xmas well

5 Klaranator Klaranator | 27. ledna 2015 v 20:01 | Reagovat

you two are friends again right? check out her new blog

6 wool wool | 11. února 2015 v 0:12 | Reagovat

u great

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