A winter walk with Rafi

13. ledna 2015 v 19:17 | Klára Lovato |  Personal photos

Hello everyone,
since it was quite nice, but also windy weather I've decided to go on a walk with my 7-months old Patterdale terrier puppy named Rafi.
Since he (& me too) loves long walks we were outside for like 2 hours, which is not even enough for Rafi. We walked in the streets & then we decided to go to the park near the castle in Mikulov, Czech republic. I took lots of photos, but lots of them were quite bad quality, because Rafi still ran somewhere. Anyway..I'm about to show you a few photos from our walk and so.

First..I needed to get ready, of course :-D

..and when we both were ready..


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1 s. s. | 13. ledna 2015 v 19:40 | Reagovat

oh mey god!u 2 r very adorable

2 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 13. ledna 2015 v 19:52 | Reagovat

What a pity you do not have more photos of Rafi.But i love this article and all the photos.can you write something about your hair care and products you use?

3 jill jill | 13. ledna 2015 v 20:58 | Reagovat

i love your hair klara
and rafi is so very nice!!!!

4 bea bea | 13. ledna 2015 v 21:12 | Reagovat

did she cut her hair?i think she had much longer hair before

5 ncb ncb | 14. ledna 2015 v 18:25 | Reagovat

U r the best looking model and i love ur,dog

6 annie88 annie88 | 15. ledna 2015 v 13:47 | Reagovat

I am your fan ever since i read first article about you

7 Sassy Sassy | 17. ledna 2015 v 16:19 | Reagovat

I love it

8 Elizabeta Lujanac Elizabeta Lujanac | 17. ledna 2015 v 22:13 | Reagovat

Wonderful! I'm actually quite in love with how castle pictures turned out. Impressing! Keep it up darling!

9 dd dd | 18. ledna 2015 v 21:56 | Reagovat

U r the best

10 do do | 30. ledna 2015 v 22:35 | Reagovat

talk to me please,replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!i love u

11 emily emily | 1. února 2015 v 17:34 | Reagovat

what mascara are u using?

12 wool wool | 11. února 2015 v 0:16 | Reagovat

u r so beautiful and rafi is adorable dog

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