Old times of happiness (baby photos)

19. října 2014 v 6:12 | Klára Lovato |  Old times
Hello my beautiful readers,
As I was thinking about some more articles for you guys, I've decided I could show you some of my baby (little girl) photos, because I haven't post any photos like that on here yet.
I'll add a little comment below some of these photos, just to inform you about it.
Have a great day!
xoxo Klára

I was just a few months old in this photo.

My 1st Birthday party (August 1995), with my cousin Radim (born 1992).

He was my propably first friend ever, we did everything together & we used to be really close since our mom's are best friends, but we're not in contact anymore. Meet Ondra, who's just about 4 days older than me!

My 2nd Birthday party, the boy next to me is my cousin Radim (born 1992).

Drama club 2003

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1 emma emma | 19. října 2014 v 9:09 | Reagovat

ur amazing and adorable

2 tom tom | 26. října 2014 v 20:26 | Reagovat

i love u

3 Amanda Bonders Amanda Bonders | 2. ledna 2015 v 21:11 | Reagovat

wow beautiful young lady

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