Essence: soft touch mousse make-up

4. října 2014 v 15:44 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

Hello girls,
we all are beautiful in our own way, but sometimes we want to look more cute, so we put on our favourite kind of make-up (foundation), BB or CC cream or anything like that.

My tip is: soft touch mousse make-up
Brand: Essence
Price: 99,- Kč (3,6 eur / 4,7 USD)

This make-up looks really nice & natural on your skin, it's also really great smooth consistion, which is easy to put on on your face. If your skin is super dry as mine, it's not any problem!
But I don't think so that you should wear this make-up if you have acne or any other visible skin problems, because it won't really cover it.
xoxo Klára

There is 6 different tones of this make-up, but when I went to Rossmann store, they had just these 4 tones. So I have #01 Matt Sand and my sister has #04 Matt Ivory, which both are really light, so if your skin tone is similar to mine...


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