Říjen 2014

Many changes...

30. října 2014 v 13:09 | Klára Lovato |  Diary
Many changes..

- changed my official ( http://twitter.com/Kakushka ) and also my personal ( http://twitter.com/KLovatoBaby ) designs & already reached more than 800 followers on my official one!

Photoshoot with Rafi

28. října 2014 v 15:05 | Klára Lovato |  Site modeling
I'm here to show you my newest photoshoot, where I'm also with my beautiful puppy named Rafi. (since many of you are asking me what type of dog he is, I'm gonna asnswer your question now. He's patterdale terier.)

Old times of happiness (baby photos)

19. října 2014 v 6:12 | Klára Lovato |  Old times
Hello my beautiful readers,
As I was thinking about some more articles for you guys, I've decided I could show you some of my baby (little girl) photos, because I haven't post any photos like that on here yet.
I'll add a little comment below some of these photos, just to inform you about it.
Have a great day!
xoxo Klára

I was just a few months old in this photo.

Essence: soft touch mousse make-up

4. října 2014 v 15:44 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

Hello girls,
we all are beautiful in our own way, but sometimes we want to look more cute, so we put on our favourite kind of make-up (foundation), BB or CC cream or anything like that.

My tip is: soft touch mousse make-up
Brand: Essence
Price: 99,- Kč (3,6 eur / 4,7 USD)