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22. srpna 2014 v 14:52 | Elizabeta |  Diary
Hello beautiful people, hello beautiful Kláranators!
It's 22nd of August today and, as all of you know by now, on 20th of August, your idol and a role model, site model, vlogger and a friend, beautiful Klára Lovato has celebrated her 20th birthday which makes me realize I know this pretty lady for more than a year already! Well, this article will not be about how long do I know Klára or how did we meet or whatever but I guarantee you will like it anyways. So, with a little bit of Klára's help (ok, with the enormous help of hers becuase I wasn't present there to take all these pictures), as the title of this article says, I'll spare you with pictures from Klára Lovato's 20th Birthday Party!

Is it only me or the cake on the table looks so delicious?

One of (probably) many, many, many present she has got but :)

And one last for the end: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!

Don't forget to watch Klára Lovato's brand new Birthday video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMiqZ1YyeUw and of course, subscribe/follow all her accounts (I believe the links are unnecessary to post because you all know everything!)

PS once again I apologize for not wishing you a happy birthday on time; better late than never! And I would kind of write you another paragraph but I'll skip it this time because my Google Chrome keeps crashing non-stop. Miluji tě!

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1 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 22. srpna 2014 v 18:42 | Reagovat

Dear Elizabeta,
thank you for your sweet article & you don't need to be sorry about that you didn't wish me 'Happy Birthday' on time, but about a day later. I know that you didn't forget, so it's completelly fine ;-) btw... miluji tě <3

To my sweet Kláranators: Once again, I want to tell you all THANK YOU for your Birthday wishes, tweets, photos, ect. It made my day!

Love you all ;-)

2 Emma Emma | 23. srpna 2014 v 4:11 | Reagovat

I found this blog randomly and I don't know who this Elizabeta girl is but I like the way she writes. She seems funny and kind

3 Emma Emma | 23. srpna 2014 v 4:19 | Reagovat

Does Elizabeta has Facebook page, site or anything? I would like to speak with her. Actually if it's possible to get her e-mail. I dislike using any social media network... Thanks! Ps Klara my daughter was reading you everyday but now she feels like you are totally forgeting your fans. Greetings from Germany!

4 Elizabeta Lujanac Elizabeta Lujanac | E-mail | 23. srpna 2014 v 4:24 | Reagovat

[3]:Hello Emma. Thank you so much for your kind words and say hello to your daughter. Klára did not forget her fans, she's only being a bit busy with her own life, and as you get older you have less and less time to be online. I would like to keep in touch with you so you can contact me @ iketeimporta@yahoo.com 😊
Much love!

5 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 23. srpna 2014 v 13:56 | Reagovat

[3]: I'm so sorry, she feels that way.I'm not forgetting my fans, of course. But as Elizabeta already said I'm quite busy with my life, it's going to be my last year at school, so it will be hard time as well. But I'm doing vlog videos & also more beauty videos on my youtube channel http://youtube.com/klovatobaby .Btw...greets to your daughter ;-)

Oh & Elizabeta is my croatian friend, she's also dancer and since she likes this editing work, she edits my web & also my Facebook fan page.

6 Maria Smith Maria Smith | 3. září 2014 v 16:10 | Reagovat

I love this article and I love you Klara

7 Kristina Muller Kristina Muller | 3. září 2014 v 16:12 | Reagovat

I have never commented on any of Klara's blog's articles but I like this one. Elizabeta you are doing good job. Keep it up!

8 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 5. září 2014 v 22:02 | Reagovat

[7]: I love Eli's articles too, but sadly she had some problems with sign in to my web a while ago, hopefully it will be ok soon, so she could post more articles.

9 Susan Lee Susan Lee | 29. října 2014 v 15:57 | Reagovat

I love you klara but get elizabeta back

10 Františka Františka | 19. června 2015 v 15:04 | Reagovat

Ahoj Klára! Miluju tvůj blog. Budete spolupracovat s Elizabeta znovu? Or maybe you two should create a blog together like Demis best friend and her other friend have two bletched blondes

11 Marika Marika | 19. června 2015 v 15:08 | Reagovat

[10]: yes would love that! then 'll have two my favourite people at the same blog :D

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