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Klára's 20th Birthday Party | by Elizabeta

22. srpna 2014 v 14:52 | Elizabeta |  Diary
Hello beautiful people, hello beautiful Kláranators!
It's 22nd of August today and, as all of you know by now, on 20th of August, your idol and a role model, site model, vlogger and a friend, beautiful Klára Lovato has celebrated her 20th birthday which makes me realize I know this pretty lady for more than a year already! Well, this article will not be about how long do I know Klára or how did we meet or whatever but I guarantee you will like it anyways. So, with a little bit of Klára's help (ok, with the enormous help of hers becuase I wasn't present there to take all these pictures), as the title of this article says, I'll spare you with pictures from Klára Lovato's 20th Birthday Party!

Is it only me or the cake on the table looks so delicious?

2014 updates: school, love & new puppy

9. srpna 2014 v 0:11 | Klára Lovato |  Diary

Hello guys,
I'm so sorry about not being really active here, but if you guys want to know more about my life & what's going on, then you definietly need to follow me on any social media:

..because I'm way more active there.