Červen 2014

One year till graduation! | Life of high school student (by Kate Deli)

23. června 2014 v 22:09 | Klára Lovato, Kate Deli |  About Klára Lovato
Hello guys,
I'm so sorry for not being active as much as before on this blog, but most of my time I'm at school, so I hope you can understand this.
At least..I want to inform you about my life, changes and so. I have a boyfriend, who's 20 and his name is Roman. I'm also almost done with my 3rd grade of Hotel High School and this is my last week of school, then I'll have summer holiday for 2 months.
I think that you'll know more about everyting that's going on in my life if you follow me on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/Kakushka ) or Instagram ( http://instagram.com/KLovatoBaby ), liked my page on Facebook ( http://facebook.com/KlaraAllysonLovato ) or subscribed to my Youtube channel ( http://youtube.com/KLovatoBaby ). I'm working on next vlog video, where I'm talking also about this article, so you guys should check it out!
My friend Kate Deli decided to write an article about my high school life so far, so I hope you'll like it :-)

Love Klára <3

...and here's finally the article by Kate Deli:

One year till graduation!

"Ever since I was a little girl I had imagined my perfect graduation with my best dress my best friends and I guess this would be the best party I would have ever been in my life."This Is pretty much what Klara said to me when I said her to describe me how she thought of her graduation.But what is really graduation guys? Graduation is one of the best days in our lives it opens a door to our future and closes another to our past which is childhood and teenage dreams.But does it mean that if school ends ,friendship ends? No it isn't mean it gets stronger because when you are apart from people you miss them more.Some say:"I never thought my life with my best friend" some other:"My best friend is my other half or my best friend is like my sister".So of course we gonna miss this people that made our lives full with funny,happy,beautiful moments we will never forget.