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1 Jane Jane | 1. dubna 2014 v 22:12 | Reagovat

I love you klara! #klaranators

2 #kelizanator #kelizanator | 6. dubna 2014 v 12:08 | Reagovat

Why aren't you friends with Elizabeta anymore? Please collaborate again with her. I haven't seen nothing from you two lately :(

3 Maria Maria | 6. dubna 2014 v 12:10 | Reagovat

[2]: apperently elizabeta has spoken bad about klara but tbh i never saw or heard what she told

4 #kelizanator #kelizanator | 6. dubna 2014 v 12:14 | Reagovat

[3]:Yeah, because Klara liked the fame but can't judge her. Elizabeta and her are totally different yet still the same. For example, Klara will post everything public so anyone can know while Elizabeta wouldn't. They both seem to be selfish and stubborn at the point, that's why their friendship led to a fall out :/ I love how extraordinary Eliza's friendship is with Gabrielle, and Klara's with Pema Lema but I miss Keliza :( It's all Katy Stash's fault. she's two faced bitch who wants all the fame

5 Klára Lovato Klára Lovato | E-mail | Web | 16. května 2014 v 14:17 | Reagovat

[2]: Elizabeta & I are friends again..we argue back in the time, because of what she said to media, but we're friends again :)
Well I'm friend of all these girls you've mentoined (Elizabeta,Gabrielle,Pema and Katy(Karina)), they're all great girls.

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