Klára ft. Elizabeta - ''We Own'' ( 2013 official duet song)

6. července 2013 v 1:03 | Klára Lovato & Elizabeta Lujanac |  Songs

Hey guys,
here's an OFFICIAL lyrics of 2013 duet song ''We Own'' wrote on 1st June 2013 by Klára Lovato & Elizabeta.
Enjoy it ;-)

"We Own"

Hey oh la la la
Hey-ya na na na

Now here's just the two of us
Climbing the highest mountains
Having fun reaching the top

And I can almost touch the sky
Hall of glam and fame
Making our own rules for this game
We just wanna pla-a-ay

It's like we're flying too high
Never afraid of falling down
'Cos this world is what we own
We own, we own (yeah, yeah)
And you can find us shinning bright
Dancing with these neon lights
We own, yeah, yeah, we own

Hey you, now's the right time
To show the world what you can be
If you just believe

And oh-wow
You can call me so un-cool
I know know you, it's true
I-I-I got your back,
No matter what

Chorus: 2x

We own, We own, We own
This world as young as us
We own, We own, We own
Break the beat down, low, low
And when they say you shall stop and slow-oh
Turn the music on
And shout 'We Own, We own'

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Klára Lovato & Elizabeta Lujanac wrote a song named...

We Own
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101 Zara Zara | 9. července 2013 v 18:39 | Reagovat

[100]: I've sent you once again. I gave you full email.. gosh

And omg! We reached 100! :D

102 jana jana | 9. července 2013 v 18:45 | Reagovat

[101]: i didnt got anything again.should i post it here?

103 jana jana | 9. července 2013 v 18:49 | Reagovat

[101]: i got your email now, and i answered you

104 Zara Zara | 9. července 2013 v 18:53 | Reagovat

[103]:wait, i'm goin to check it

105 jana jana | 9. července 2013 v 18:55 | Reagovat
106 kelizabeta kelizabeta | 9. července 2013 v 20:05 | Reagovat

[105]:See, I'm logged in and I've tried to edit it but I failed. Translator failed as well.. Somebody save this site!

107 jana jana | 9. července 2013 v 20:35 | Reagovat

[106]: i can help you.and sorry i cant change the language of it

108 loveandsadness loveandsadness | Web | 10. července 2013 v 22:39 | Reagovat

moc pekne mrkni se i na muj

109 Zara Zara | 27. července 2013 v 16:46 | Reagovat

elizabeta had her own blog now! www.iketeimporta.blog.com

110 lorelai lorelai | 23. října 2013 v 15:54 | Reagovat

official videooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

111 amy amy | 18. května 2014 v 19:40 | Reagovat


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