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Had much fun doing the interview with Kristina from Press Magazine.

22/7/2013 interview with Klára Lovato

PM - Press Magazine
KL - Klára Lovato

PM: "Alright, so as every start, tell me more about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live? How old are you? All the basic."

KL: "Well as you probably know my name is Klára Allyson Lovato & I'm 18 years old now (turning 19 next month). I was born in Czech republic, where I live too. I have one younger sister named Denisa."

PM: "How's your life as a site model? Does that makes any difference that living a life as a regular teenage girl?"

KL: "I think it's almost the same, especially in 21st century when almost every teenager has a Facebook or another social network, where he or she posts photos, so I didn't find any difference at all."

PM: "How about your friends? I mean, they probably all know you're a site model, do they treat you any different than other friends?"

KL: "Well I've met many amazing people also because of my job from the whole world, but I think that my friends, who knew me before I was site model treat me the same way like before."

PM: "Then you're lucky. How's your song-writing career going?"

KL: "I've started to writing songs since 2010, but then I haven't write any song for like 2 years. Now after the duet with Elizabeta (We Own) I'm trying to post more of my songs to my blog & I will also write some new one's."

PM: "That's great! What kind of friendship is friendship between you and Elizabeta?"

KL: "Well we met each other like a month ago, but she's really nice & actually talented girl. And yeah! She helped me a lot."

PM: "And how do you deal with some people calling you fake?"

KL: "Anyone can't be loved by everyone, so I'm trying to concentrate on people who somehow loves me and that makes me strong enough to deal with hate messages. But sometimes it's too much & I have that day when you just lay in your bed, crying and eats as much chocolate or ice cream as you can.
But my friends always trying to help me so it's always fine again in the end."

PM: "Yes, we all have these days. Spotted in Spotlights posted one of your nude pictures, did that affected your life?"

KL: "Honestly yes, my boyfriend was really mad about it & it wasn't really ok, even if that photo is about 2 years old."

PM: "How that picture even got online?"

KL: "My ex-boyfriend posted it a long time ago on the internet and then one web posted it too and now you can find it on Google.."

PM: "What a shame. Anyways, what do you do in your free time?"

KL: "It depends. I'm really lazy person so I try to take as much relax as I can (laughs). But I love singing,dancing,shopping or just spend my free time with my friends,family or my boyfriend. I also love traveling."

PM: "What's the pretties place you've ever visited?"

KL: "I really love Italy especially Roma or Silvi Marina were my favorites."

PM: "Lovely. Would you like to share anything else?"

KL: "I'd love to say THANK YOU to everyone who support me."

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Klára Lovato & Elizabeta Lujanac wrote a song named...

We Own
Sweet Love
Teenage Love
Girly Song


1 MariaAmbrehhh MariaAmbrehhh | 22. července 2013 v 21:25 | Reagovat

amazing interview klara and kristina!i will check that page now

2 lorelai lorelai | 23. července 2013 v 1:37 | Reagovat


3 John John | 23. července 2013 v 10:26 | Reagovat

really cool one

4 Gina Gina | 23. července 2013 v 10:59 | Reagovat

So cute interview and Klara,your ex is an idiot to post that photo online.Hope it is ok with your current boyfriend now about it.I love you! #Klaranators

5 moo moo | 23. července 2013 v 23:18 | Reagovat

klaranators forever

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