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I Need You Back (2010 original song)

26. července 2013 v 15:20 | Klára Lovato |  Songs

Next of my 2010's songs called ''I Need You Back''. This one is sad.. I wrote it as a memory of my grandma who died, because of cancer in 2009 :-( R.I.P. :-(

I Need You Back

I found myself today,
yeah I found myself and ran away.
Something took me back,
the voice in my head, I had.
But it can't be as before,
what you always said to me
is written in my mind.

Chorus: So I need you back
and I need you here,
please, co-o-o-me back.
And I try to be strong,
but it goes so wrong.
It never can't be like before,
I need you back.

My sky is in the dark lights
and it's shining on my mood.
Shinning all the time
and I can't be strong
to follow my dreams.
All I know is that yesterday is gone
and I just can believe in my dreams.

Like a Magnet (2013 original song)

25. července 2013 v 0:33 | Klára Lovato |  Songs

Hey everyone,
I have a small surprise for you. Like a hour ago I've decided to write new song, because the last song I've written just all by myself was like in 2011 so it's long time ago.
I've thinking about to write some slowly song, but then I've decided to make it a little bit rhytmic so here it is...
Hope you all will like it ;-) Comment below what do you think, please.
xoxo Klára

Like a Magnet

I wanted you to be mine...

Cuz there's something special in your eyes...

But now I'm sure,
I was thinking about you
more than you've deserved.
So what should I do?

Chorus: It's a physically, likely, lovely... CHEMISTRY.
What do you feel boy?
Cuz I'm loving you
like a boo,
I keep coming back, it's true.
I can't stand it,
you're like a magnet.

Interview with Press Magazine

22. července 2013 v 21:11 | Klára Lovato & Kristina |  Interviews
Had much fun doing the interview with Kristina from Press Magazine.

22/7/2013 interview with Klára Lovato

PM - Press Magazine
KL - Klára Lovato

PM: "Alright, so as every start, tell me more about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live? How old are you? All the basic."

KL: "Well as you probably know my name is Klára Allyson Lovato & I'm 18 years old now (turning 19 next month). I was born in Czech republic, where I live too. I have one younger sister named Denisa."

PM: "How's your life as a site model? Does that makes any difference that living a life as a regular teenage girl?"

KL: "I think it's almost the same, especially in 21st century when almost every teenager has a Facebook or another social network, where he or she posts photos, so I didn't find any difference at all."

Stop Lie To Me (2010 original song)

13. července 2013 v 14:40 | Klára Lovato |  Songs

Hey guys,
you wanted me to post more of my songs here.. this one is also one of my first, it's 2010's original song called ''Stop Lie To Me''.

Stop Lie To Me

I don't know why,
I don't know why,
I'm so afraid (so afraid).
I don't know how,
I don't know how,
to fix your lie.
You maybe know,
you maybe know,
I feel the same.

Chorus: Just stop lie to me,
I need to so much for stay with you.
Please, just tell me the truth
and fix your lie far away.
You said ''I love you''
and ran away,
just take it slow.

You're living in noise (living in noise),
from all around (from all around),
it's more than age (it's more than age).
Break it down (break it down),
it's me and you..
just tell me the truth
and feel the same way to me.
Don't make a sound (don't make a sound),
don't be afraid.

Soft face with Garnier cream :-)

9. července 2013 v 19:20 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips
Hey guys,
is your face really dry like mine & you're tired of trying many expensive products which doesn't works?

I have a great tip for all of you! It's Garnier Softening Care cream. Click on the ''full article'' button to read more about this product.

I Wanna Understand (2010 original song)

8. července 2013 v 10:16 | Klára Lovato |  Songs

Hey guys,
I want to share some more of my songs with you. This one is one of my first songs from 2010 & it's called ''I Wanna Understand'', hope you'll like it ;-)

I Wanna Understand

I never wanted to loose you,
you are in my heart,
but sometimes it's so hard.
And never had chance
to have you again.

Chorus: I wanna understand,
but never we will be
and I'm afraid,
I wanna be with you.
I never wanted to loose you,
babe, please give me a second chance.

Sometimes I wish our love in the end,
but I never wanted to loose you and..
be afraid, be afraid
and be afraid

Klára ft. Elizabeta - ''We Own'' ( 2013 official duet song)

6. července 2013 v 1:03 | Klára Lovato & Elizabeta Lujanac |  Songs

Hey guys,
here's an OFFICIAL lyrics of 2013 duet song ''We Own'' wrote on 1st June 2013 by Klára Lovato & Elizabeta.
Enjoy it ;-)

"We Own"

Hey oh la la la
Hey-ya na na na

Now here's just the two of us
Climbing the highest mountains
Having fun reaching the top

And I can almost touch the sky
Hall of glam and fame
Making our own rules for this game
We just wanna pla-a-ay

It's like we're flying too high
Never afraid of falling down
'Cos this world is what we own
We own, we own (yeah, yeah)
And you can find us shinning bright
Dancing with these neon lights
We own, yeah, yeah, we own

''We Own'' duet song with Elizabeta Lujanac ( un-official version)

2. července 2013 v 12:58 | Klára Lovato & Elizabeta Lujanac |  Songs

This is that exciting surprise we were talking about on our Twitter accounts. Totally new duet song by Klára Allyson Lovato & Elizabeta Lujanac called ''We Own'', this song was written on 1st July 2013.
Click on ''full article'' button to read the whole song.
Hope you all will like it :-)

This is un-official version!! The official one is here http://klaralovato.blog.cz/1307/klara-ft-elizabeta-we-own-2013-official-duet-song

We Own

Just the two of us
Climbing the highest mountains.
Having a fun
even if it's hard.. sometimes.

Reaching the top,
I can almost touch the sky,
sky of happiness & fame,
making our own rules for this game.