Klara talks about LOVE (from lovatodaily.com)

13. února 2013 v 10:32 | Maya |  Interviews

"Love can be the best and also the worst thing in our life, it depends
because when both of you are in love you feel happy all the time, you think about that person all the time and so but if the other person doesn't feel the same way to you and he's/she's mean or so. I've dated more than 30 guys and my longest relationship lasted one year." -Klara Allyon (18)


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1 MariaAmbrehhh MariaAmbrehhh | 16. února 2013 v 13:16 | Reagovat

love your smile soooooooooooooo much!!!!

2 lux lux | 16. února 2013 v 13:19 | Reagovat

Klara,you are my role model!I will support you my whole life,because you are so beautiful and so nice girl in one person!I would love to look a like you!I love your hair,smile and oh my god!You are so lucky to have your figure without any diets and so.
- Lux

3 John John | 18. února 2013 v 0:30 | Reagovat

she's super hot!

4 sandra sandra | 21. února 2013 v 13:37 | Reagovat

you look a like princess!

5 christine christine | 10. března 2013 v 9:53 | Reagovat

30boys? but you/ are still amazing and i love you much klara!

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