Perfect relationship? Is it possible?

21. srpna 2012 v 14:46 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

Is there any chance for a perfect relationship without fights? Yes, it is Mrkající I have totally perfect relationship for more than 10 months yet... so here's some tips how to make your relationship better S vyplazeným jazykem

... Talk like best friends ...

It's great if you two can talk for hours & you're still not tired of it? That's amazing!! Because it make you two way stronger Mrkající

... Don't fight ...

Do you know compromises? Then you don't need to fight because of some ''stupid'' things like why did you cooked something from the italian kitchen even if he wanted hot dog or so. The most of all these fights are unnecessary.

... Show him/her your feelings ...

People just need to know that they're loved so you should do something nice for your love Mrkající You can make a video from your photos, write a song or poem, make some photo collage or just sipmly say these three most beautiful words ever ''I LOVE YOU'' Líbající

... Don't cheat on your love ...

Did you think that cheap on your love will make you cool? NO!! Open your eyes!! Would you like if he/she would do this to you? No? Then don't do it!!

... Spend your free time together ...

You two can go for a lunch, shopping, on the beach or just watch a movie together. If you two have something in common then it's way easier for you two, but you two should really spend some time together, cuz if you two will get marry then you'll also spend time together so this is like ''release'' for your life together.

... Meet his/hers friends ...

If you two have some mutual friends then it's way easier for you two, but if can still meet his/hers friends & have fun with them!! Mrkající


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1 John John | 22. srpna 2012 v 18:27 | Reagovat

i love it.its a pity that i am single :/

2 emma emma | 11. října 2014 v 21:48 | Reagovat

me too

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